Need team building near central Copenhagen?

Is your company looking for great business events in Europe, perhaps for an international team? Then we have for you a highly praised, high-end and custom-made team building game at a Royal Castle right near central Copenhagen. As full package company events, our repertoire can be tailored to combine an intelligent team building game with gourmet cooking, fine wine and lush cocktails.


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Are you perhaps envisioning a longer stay and more thorough program than an afternoon of teambuilding games to help knit, build and strengthen your team? The Tribe offers a wealth of team building activities. Founded and chaired by anthropologists The Tribe is based at Charlottenlund Castle, but cooperate with several other Castles and luxury convention centers in the greater Copenhagen area. In addition to our highly praised game The Royal Chancery, The Tribe also offer a selection of quality team building tools and exercises.


Team building activities Denmark style

The Tribe believes that any teambuilding game or teambuilding activity should do more than entertain. We therefore offer only a selection of team building exercises specifically designed to focus on and promote trust, cooperation, communication, leadership, strategy and critical thinking. We know, for a fact, that a well-knit, well-informed team is far superior in terms of both productivity and decision making than even the most highly skilled individual.


Team building activities – Ideas

Our repertoire span single team exercises of 20-30 minutes duration that can easily combine with more exercises of the same order, or we can offer more extensive team days, workshops or team development courses. These include Enneagram workshops, Praice network tests and courses and even shamanistic rituals if you dare!

Don’t laugh, remember, we are anthropologists. Some of the things that most of you would consider strange we take very seriously and we promise you that there is wisdom to be found.


Team building in English

As anthropologists we are obviously capable of hosting all our events in fluent English and have the experience needed to propose the right team building ideas and run team building activities for 100 employees or more. Get in touch with us and learn more.


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We also understand that there is more to good team building than mere teambuilding. For instance, a choice location, good food, quality wine and a great party can go a long way to make teams and employees feel appreciated. And appreciation is, for many types of personalities, an important motivational factor. Company events that can do all these things at one and the same location – and very near central Copenhagen – are hard to find. We know of only one; The Tribe.


Entertainment ideas for company party

The other way of looking at this works too. We know we are going to have a party, preceded by dinner, we just don’t know how else to spice things up? Corporate events that include all of the above are rare and memorable, and in our opinion worth every penny.